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The partners Cristian Capristo and Sven Heinemann have decided after many years of beeing employed and working together with various manufacturers of scratch-resistant films and also finishers to start the 4films GmbH with the target of producing films, trading films and technical consulting. Partnership is very important to 4films, we want to see our customers and suppliers not only to be the same, but as a trustworthy partner with whom you can go together in the future.

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Cristian Capristo und Sven Heinemann

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With our young and motivated team in our service-oriented company, we ensure that your orders are completed on time and that your questions are answered quickly and professionally.


4films luci und 4films digital

After our scratch-resistant matt film is established on the market, we now present our latest development: The scratch-resistant gloss film 4films luci!

Do you want to create the perfect symbiosis of film and substrate? We have the ultimate solutions for you: The new films 4films digital gloss pro und 4films digital matt pro.

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